Little did I know when I started this blog that the title would expand, requiring me to ask this question of so many new situations in my life....

Friday, October 05, 2012

As they say - time flies....

A post at the beginning of the year and the next post as the year winds down. I'm not one to wish my life away but....come midnight Dec. 31 I'll be kicking this year in the butt, helping it get the hell out of here! But, enough of that and on to more important things. Fall is here! Or, I should say, fall is technically here. The only way anyone living near me would know the season has changed would be by looking at a calendar. Yes, it's still hot here in the land of the gator hunters. Our local weather guru is promising a cool front sometime Sunday - highs in upper 70's to low 80's. It's not much but it gives us hope. Lately, hope has been in short supply here in my adopted city. Our beloved Tigers haven't been doing as well as hoped. Actually, they've been scaring the merde out of us. September's exhibition games have been played and the real season starts tomorrow - in a similar swampy area (Florida). This city is holding its breath. Next week will either be one of renewed optimism or one of deep, dark, doom. Silly, I know but it is what it is. Then there's da Saints. Yes, hope has been in short supply here....

Monday, January 09, 2012

Can't Win & Can't Lose....

Tonight's the night we've waited for - (I think there's a song that has that phrase as part of its lyrics and now it's stuck in my head - on replay!). But, as I was saying....tonight's the night we've waited for because it's the BCS title game! Finally! My two football loves will be battling it out - BAMA & LSU. What to do? Who to pull for? Actually, I know who I'm pulling for but I'm not putting it in writing because it could be dangerous to do so I have family and friends on both sides. I was born a BAMA fan paperwork is from LSU. All I'll say is that my purple and gold jersey and my crimson and white jersey are both ready.

Roll Tide! Geaux Tigers! I can't lose, yet - I can't win. Eek!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home for the Holidays....

Christmas Eve eve we left the beach for home. As is to be expected traffic was crazy on I-10 & 12 west. We made it home with no problem, unpacked our stuff, unwrapped the take out we'd picked up along the way and settled down in front of the tv - and....we haven't moved much since. Shameful but nice. Today was a bit more of a normal routine, tomorrow will be busier and by the weekend we'll be back to normal. These last few lazy days were much needed.

Our last day at Dauphin Island was one I hope to never experience again. J went to work, I got busy packing and getting ready to leave when he got home that afternoon. A front was moving in so it was rainy and breezy. By 11 am the emergency siren (which is right across the street) was blaring along with the warning signal on the tv. I tuned to the emergency channel and, sure enough, a tornado had been spotted in the Gulf and was moving right across the Island. The entire front of the house faces the Gulf and for several minutes I thought the door, then the entire front of the house was going to blow in. By the time the weather settled down and I, somewhat, calmed down, I realized my legs were shaking. Freaked me out! I gotta tell you, it's not fun being alone in a strange place with no car when there's an emergency. Not fun at all. That's just one of the things I do not like about all this traveling we do.

The lovely beach house we've been staying in is getting more and more difficult to rent as snow-bird season approaches, so I'm once again looking for a place to call home - temporarily. Sigh. It never ends, does it?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I'm Bored....

Yep. Bored. And instead of taking a nice long walk before the rain comes in - I have Woot's Woot Off on the computer and QVC playing on tv.

Bored. Woot. QVC. A dangerous combination!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Wow! I can post again....

I don't know why I haven't been able to get my posts to post for most of the summer, but things seem okay for now.

Still on Dauphin Island. The weather's a bit cooler and I'm loving it! October is my favorite beach month - November is close behind. Surfers have started appearing and it's fun to watch them. The Island's laid back so my life's quite laid back at the moment - until we go home on the weekends. Then it's catch-up time. We stayed here last weekend and rode the ferry to Orange Beach to see J's uncle. It was an eventful day - J's aunt's mom went into cardiac arrest (she's fine for now), and J dropped his cell phone in the bay while helping get the boat out. we went to Pensacola for a new phone. ....Don't ask me why we headed the opposite way (east) instead of backtracking to an AT&T store nearer our rental. We like to do things the hard way I guess - and paid for it because we didn't make the return ferry. Lost a few bucks on that. At least we got a good meal at the Fish House.

So we have now both joined the times with our smart phones - Android for me, iPhone for J. J is not a patient person and it's funny watching as his phone continues to outsmart him. Gotta take your pleasure where you can. I admit my Droid was/is plenty smarter than me.

Son #3 had to make an emergency trip to the dentist today. He's blessed with bad English teeth like his mom. He's been having trouble for a while and I've been telling him and telling him to go the dentist, but..he didn't. Now he has to have one tooth removed and a root canal on another one - after the antibiodics do their job. I find myself asking myself :/ why I continue trying to cut back on things here and there. It's like one step forward - two steps backward. Maybe it evens out.

Well, I'm off. Woot is having a woot-off today and I've got to check on what's on offer. So much for that cutting back....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Checking In....

For some odd reason I can't seem to post from my computers, so....even when it's convenient - it's not. IYKWIM

We're still on DI and I gotta say, I'm falling in love with this place. I don't think there is a strip of land along the gulf coast that isn't lovable in it's own way. DI is extremely laid back - extremely laid back - and that works for me. I haven't found it to be the best shelling beach and there are oil rigs lined up in the Gulf in the distance - at night, when they're lit up, they look like other islands or lit palm trees. Kind of nice if you can forget the danger lurking on and under each and every one. But....let's not get started on things like oil spills.

On our weekend trips down to the island and then on our way home we pass through Bayou La Batre. For some reason I love that! I've always enjoyed their sea food but never thought I'd get to become so familiar with the place itself. I catch myself looking for Forrest, but haven't yet found him. ;)

The neatest thing happened today. The house we're renting is across the street from the Gulf and there's a small public access area. I was reading (Kindle-ing) on the front porch this morning when a compact car pulled into the little parking area. I probably wouldn't have noticed it until I heard some commotion from the people as they got out of the car - and a lot of people exited that little car! It appeared to be a car full of young adults and judging from their reactions, it must have been their first beach trip. As they crested the small sand dune and saw the Gulf, they started hoopin' and hollerin'. I heard things like - "that's amazing! Look at it! Oh my! oh my! on MY!" I couldn't help smiling. From what I could hear, they were from Colorado and were headed to FL. It's such a priviledge to experience others making good memories.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Home!

LSU Tigers Callin' Baton Rouge Video 2009